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Roulette Tips has been created to help you learn roulette rules, about roulette betting, the different roulette tables and what impact they may have on roulette odds, teach you how to win roulette, and find you the best online roulette bonuses available. Our roulette players team play roulette online and offline most days - here they share their tips, secrets and roulette systems to help you win more. Trust us ... we want you to win!

Roulette Rules

For such a simple game, it is always surprising there are many areas of the game of roulette that players do not understand, such as roulette terms and roulette rules, for that reason we have built this roulette glossary so you can fully understand the rules, bets, and meanings of the best game in the world - roulette.

We suggest you bookmark this page and refer back to it as and when required, or once a week to refresh and build your knowledge of roulette rules.

Good luck, enjoy learning the rules of roulette ... and please let us know when (and where) our roulette tips, systems, and roulette betting advice help you win! (Thanks)

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How to win Roulette

Most players new to roulette will often waste chips on fanciful bets that have little chance of winning and therefore have a big drain on the players funds.

Understanding how easy it can be to lose money at roulette, and the bets that increase your chances of winning is crucial knowledge of how to win roulette

American Roulette Wheel

A roulette wheel that has "Zero" and "Double Zero"

D'Alembert System

A roulette betting system popular with players

Column Bet

A bet one one of the three columns of the roulette table (running the length of the table layout). Pays out 2 to 1

Combination Bet

Placing chips so the bet is split between more than one number e.g. on the line between one and two splitting the bet value between the two

Corner Bet

A bet that sits on the crossroads of four numbers e.g. on the point between the numbers 1,2,4,5. Pays out 8 to 1


The person, employed by the casino to run the roulette table.

Dozen Bet

A bet on one of the three numbered groups on the roulette table - [1-12] [13-24] [25-36]. Pays out 2 to 1

European Roulette Wheel

A wheel with only one "Zero"


Even or Odd Bet

A bet whether the result will be an even number or an odd number

French Roulette Wheel

Written in French, the table also has one difference to the European Table

High or Low Bet

Bet [1-18] or [19-36]. Pays even money (1 to 1)

Inside Bet

A bet placed on any number on the roulette layout, including Zero or Double-Zero

Martingale System

A good roulette betting system

Outside Bet

One of the High/Low, Red/Black, Odd/Even bets

Red or Black Bet

Paying even money (1 to 1) a bet on the colour of the result

Straight up Bet

A single wager on a number or combination bet

Trio Bet

Betting on three numbers with one bet

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